It’s Been A Long Time – I Shouldn’t Have Left You

Without a dope beat to step to.

Well, Hi! Hello! Hola! It seems as though I may be back in business with this whole blog thing – with some upcoming facelifts and changes.

It seems the past year and a half have been full of a lot of changes. Most people hated 2016, and hoped for a better 2017 – which has proven to be just a screwed up as 2016 was. I’m not quite sure what is going in this world today, but it seems like a giant clusterfuck with one day being more bizarre, and sometimes frightening, than the next.

Sometimes those fears and uncertainties can really affect our lives. We can become more secluded, less rash, more hostile, quick with our tongue (or fingers, if we hide behind a keyboard), and less ourselves. Part of life and growing is realizing when you have

That moment when you remember that there is a whole big world out there and life is about LIVING and not scrolling

allowed external circumstances take over your inner soul – and choosing to do something about it.

I feel as though that played a big part in my absence. Quite honestly, I was, and still am completely drained by social media. It zapped me of any energy and drive that I had, because even in an effort to follow “only positive people” it seemed as though the negativity infiltrated their hearts too.

Needless to say, it was exhausting and very difficult to avoid completely. I began talking to my friends who weren’t on social media – they seemed so much happier, balanced, and focused on living LIFE! That’s when I got to thinking – if the chaos in the world can teach us anything, it is that tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed and that life can truly change in the blink of an eye. Personally, I don’t want to live life scrolling thru the highlight reels of others. I don’t want to live life feeling like I have to document it in order to receive validation thru likes, hearts, and whatever else. I want to get back to SELF validation in the form of a simple question: Did I have a good time?  Not, “Did my audience think I had a good time?”  “Did my audience think this photo looked great?” “Did this photo generate conversation?”

I want the conversation to be face-to-face. I wanted to be spoken to again, asked “How have you been?” and THEN I can share what I have been doing. Too often I will go out and look around and all that I see are people sitting together – on their phones – when their friends are RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM! They literally have NOTHING to talk about because anything they need to know is posted on social media. We have lost our ability to hold full conversations while genuinely enjoying each others’  company and quite honestly – that scares me more than anything!

I missed the “old days”.

So I completely ghosted my blog – because I didn’t have anything positive or inspiring to say. I got away from Facebook because it just frustrated the hell out of me, and then recently I completely deleted it from my phone (you wanna talk about feeling liberated!!) I still utilize social media, but I no longer live thru social media – which I’m embarrassed to say is exactly what was happening. There was no balance there.

So this blog is going to shift its focus – less health and fitness (though it will still be there) and more about just sharing about LIFE and the beauty that surrounds us outside of our phone screens.

I hope you’ll join me on the new journey this blog is about to take – and maybe feel a little inspired along the way, yourself ❤

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