Am I Pushing Too Hard?

Sometimes I look at other people and it just seems like their life is all set. They know why they are here. They know what to do. They just do it.

Then I look at my life and my mind, where I have been and am hopefully going, and it seems to be in this constant state of flux. I can go thru periods where I am as consistent as ever, and then I just stop. And I don’t just slow down – I stop. Take for instance this blog – first post since December. And why? Because I have been in this CRAZY, crazy state of writers block.

Legit. I’ve had nothing. There has been nothing coming to me to even try to write about. I even sat around and asked “Is this where you see your blog going?” “Should you change things up?” “What would excite you to write about?”

I literally have no frickin’ idea sometimes. Can you relate? Just sometimes you DON’T KNOW.

And that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? The beauty of the unknown. The uncertainty of where we might find ourselves tomorrow, next year, five years from now. We honestly don’t know, so why do we attempt to control it all so much? Why do we just not trust in God, The Universe, whatever you may believe in? I know for me, that’s hard. As a Christian I do trust in God and His timing for my life – I trust in it, but that doesn’t mean I easily ACCEPT IT and SURRENDER TO IT. I still fight it! I’m beginning to think that the fight is where those periods of inaction come from. Perhaps that fighting is exhausting because I am fighting towards something that’s not meant for me? Perhaps its exhausting because I’m fighting before it’s my time to fight that fight?

I’m trying to take this blog in a new direction – what direction that is going to be I just don’t know. I’d love for it to be informative, while entertaining. A source for motivation, and a source for testimony. A place to hang out when you’re bored at work, or check into every Saturday morning…and mostly I want it to be a place that I also want to check into! I want my blog to provide ME with energy, excitement, and will to write!

So how does that happen? Seasoned bloggers, followers – any ideas?

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