Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: 3 Tips for Finding the Courage to Chase After Your Dreams

While scrolling my Facebook feed this morning I came across the following quote:

You cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.

What does that mean? You cannot dream big, but do the bear minimum.

I know so many women who are able to dream big, and then do a great job of selling themselves short. If I’m being honest, some days I am one of them! Dreams are supposed to be scary, mysterious, and very confusing. If they weren’t, then they would be something you would just do – like brush your teeth. Dreams are supposed to be larger than life – something that would be awesome, but that you know would require work to get there.  If you dream sort of freaks you out – that’s awesome! That most likely means it’s

3 Tips for Finding the Courage to Chase After Your Dreams: (1) Find your Why (2) Figure out what you need to sacrifice (3) Be flexible in your approach.

the right dream for you. The question is, do you have the courage to try and get there?

Courage is necessary if you are going to go off and chase after your dreams. As I mentioned: dreams are scary, mysterious and very confusing. In addition, the journey to catch your dreams is often one faced with a large amount of opposition. Why is this? Well to be honest, it’s because society as a whole has more people with minimum wage mindsets than million dollar mindsets. We are taught to go to school, get good grades, go to college, and FIND A GOOD CAREER – and if that’s what you’re up to, that’s awesome! I did the same thing and was very fortunate to not only land a great career, but also keep that courage needed to chase after my dreams as a “side entrepreneur”. However, for some, they just want to do what needs done and be handed what they want.  They go to school, they get the career, they listen to the boss, they do the tasks they are given (or they show up and expect to get paid). To go after your dreams is going to require you making the ideas, you getting creative, you calling the shots, and you following through. Not everyone is that courageous, and that’s okay!

But if you have that million dollar dream, you HAVE to be. It’s not “okay” for you to not be courageous if you are going after something larger than life. Here are 3 tips for finding courage to go after your dreams:
1) Establish why you’re actually doing it: This has to be MORE than what you may physically receive out of it (higher salary, side money, medal, etc.). This why has to tap into an emotional cause. How do you feel now vs. how you want to feel later? How will achieving this goal help you to feel that way? How will you feel when you accomplish it? In the end, it’s all about feelings and emotions whether you want to admit that or not. Those are what will drive you
2) Figure out what you’re willing to sacrifice: Usually a dream requires sacrifice, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing everything. Figure out a few of the sacrifices you will need to make in order to get on your way and communicate them with those closest to you. Let them know what your dream is, why it is important to you, and what sacrifices they can expect you to make while you get to where you are going. By being upfront and honest, it takes a lot of guilt off of you down the road as you may have to say “no, thank you” to slacking off.

3) Always be flexible, but never breakable: Your why is going to change. Your goals are going to change. Be flexible to this – it does not signal failure or giving up; it signals adaptation to your circumstances and surrounding which is KEY throughout your journey. If a feeling changes, if your why changes, if you realize the bite you initially took on the way to get to your dream was too large and you need to take it slower that is all perfectly fine – just never stop trying. Never lose your courage! This where creativity and drive step in to keep you moving forward.

What do you do to drive you every day? I want to know! Leave a comment below and let’s discuss?

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