Lazy Girl Morning Fitness Routine

Are you a fellow lazy girl who would love to workout in the morning but you just aren’t a morning person? Here are 7 tips I use to get my butt out of bed

Hello, hello from your fellow lazy girl here! If you are like me, your bed is your happy place and you hit snooze at least five times on average before pulling your lifeless body out of bed, only to grumble that it’s cold, and shuffle like a zombie into the bathroom (you may or may not trip on a shoe during your journey). We love being in bed, and being lazy. It’s our happy place.

That was me merely a month ago. I loathed getting out of bed, hated darkness, and just generally was not a morning person. Once I really focused on the things I wanted to achieve with my business, I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time (we all have 24 hours, after all), it was the fact that I wasn’t taking advantage of the time I had.

Here’s the thing: Every day my…

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