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What is “New Me November”?

If you follow me on social media at all, your may have heard mention of “New Me November” and you might be asking yourself “what the hell is that ??”

New Me November is one of the groups that I will be running in November that combines mind, body, and lifestyle change. Not only will you be provided with a variety of programs to utilize daily, but you will also learn how to meal plan and take care of your inner well being. Through private journaling you will begin to discover your triggers to over-eating or self doubt, as well as what makes you feel truly alive .
Participants will receive the following:
  • Workout program of their choice, fully accessible online
  • Daily motivation, accountability, and check-ins
  • Private accountability group able to be accessed thru your phone
  • Meal¬†planning guidance
  • Daily journal to assist with discovering triggers, etc.
  • Additional fun contests and prizes
  • New friends to support you along the way
  • Me as your personal coach

Prices for this group start at $60 and the group runs 4 weeks in length .  Everything is yours to keep and continue to utilize when he group is complete!

Interested ? Fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you. we start November 7th!

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