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A Shake That Fits Every Lifestyle

You are most likely somewhere in your health and fitness journey, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. Maybe you are just starting out and having the “idea” of getting better, or maybe you are really far along and have been doing this for years and are just curious about the blog title and what it is about. Regardless of where you find yourself on your health journey, Shakeology can help you along and it fits in to every lifestyle.

I come across a lot of clients that “have a protein shake”. That’s fine! Whatever you use, that is fine by me; however, Shakeology is not a protein shake – which is why I continue to recommend it despite them drinking a different protein shake. Shakeology is a health shake. It fills in the nutritional gaps that we experience due to various elements lacking in our diets due to environmental elements, stress, pesticides found in our foods, quality of our soils, rare elements that are no longer easy to come by, lack of potency in our nutrients due to soil deficiency, and pollution. The fact of the matter is when it comes to eating healthy, things aren’t what they used to be due to the need for mass production for a growing world.

In addition, if you are dieting you also create these gaps in your diet and in turn you might feel foggy, have headaches, your sleep may be affected, you might recover slower, you might crave sweets or carbs. Hell, sometimes you just feel generally out of control! Shakeology fills in the gaps in your nutrition so those side effects are lessened or eliminated. In addition, you fuel your body with potent nutrients that boost the pre and pro biotics in your gut (See my previous post “What are Probiotics and Why Do You Need Them?” to learn more on that subject), you boost your immune system, strengthen and lengthen hair and nails, clear up skin – the benefits are endless.  The shake can be complimented by fruits, peanut butter, whatever you want – or if you are like me on the go – shaken with water in a shaker cup.

It really is something that everyone should have. I don’t claim it to be a protein shake, because it isn’t. The benefits are so much more than that. Your health is one of those things that you can take control of, and even if you are on a budget you can find pretty creative ways to do it.  I encourage you, if this interests you at all, to check out the other entries under the Inside Shakeology tab on my site where you can find answers to a lot of the most common questions.  You can also visit the Shakeology website where you can order a starter pack and try out all of the flavors.

Questions? Please feel free to email me at freelyefit@gmail. com  I’m happy to help however I can 🙂

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