Remaining Groups for 2016

As someone whose mission it is to help women see themselves as confident and capable of doing amazing things, I am always brainstorming new ways to focus on my mission and take it out to the masses.

As 2017 approaches, probably faster than we realize or would like it to, it’s time now to start considering how you want the coming year to look. For me, 2016 was not as anticipated. It was full of a lot of inner trials, lack of motivation, a high amount of stress and anxiety, and not much direction until the 4th quarter. I did not see that coming, and I contribute to much of it being because when 2016 hit, I didn’t do goals. I didn’t do dreams. I didn’t do a vision board.I just figured, wing it! See what happens!…not much happened!

This year I want to commit to making myself the best that I can be in 12 months, and I would love to take you on those journeys with me and help you however I can! Here are 7622c09975204b22d1ab0e54946c1acesome of the ideas that I would love to implement starting in November – would you be a part of it?

New Me November: A three week training that focuses on health, fitness, and becoming more mentally strong and driven. Why are you waiting until next year to develop healthier habits? Start now, and be already well into the habits come January. You will be ahead of the pack. This group is set to start on Facebook November 7th.

PUSH for Success in 2017: This will be a group that is dedicated to reading “PUSH” by Chalene Johnson. This is the book that always does it for me. Every time I read it, and follow it, I set myself up for success. Usually this is in January (with the exception of good ol January 2016); however, this year I want to get a jump on things and start in December. What a great way to slow the holiday stress and focus on yourself for just 15 – 30 minutes a day. A chapter will be covered every 2 days to allow plenty of time for reading and application. It is the participants responsibility to get the book but it can be found on Amazon.com, your local library, half priced books stores, half.com, etc. This group is set to start on Facebook December 1st.

Fitness for Christmas: This will be more of a relaxed group as December is a huge month for holidays, travel, etc. This will focus on utilizing a program of your choice and the goal is to just get moving each day. You will be taught how to meal plan, choose the proper foods, and there will be fun contests included so that you can win some awesome prizes! Don’t let December throw you off track – group is set to start on Facebook December 5th.

There will also be a host of free 5-day challenges as well! Follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/nik4213 of http://www.facebook.com/freelyfefit for all of the details. Please make sure you shoot me a message and let me know that you found me on my blog so that we can connect 🙂

Interested? Please fill out the form below. It will come directly to me, and I will be able to reach out to you and get you started!

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