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The Beauty of Your Journey

Ever scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and read some statuses and think, “Well clearly I’m doing life all wrong!”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of what another person says to be “fact” or “the right way” or when they say what you are currently doing is the “wrong way” of living your life.  My personal take on it is that person really doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to you because, well, they aren’t you!

The beauty of your journey through life is that it is fully, 100% yours. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. It doesn’t belong to your mother or father, your in laws, your best friend, sister, etc. It is all you! And the roads that you take are 100% your choice!

The beauty of your journey is that it is all yours for the taking

Now let’s look at that for a minute: The roads that you take are 100% your choice. That means that while we celebrate our own choices, we also do not blame a person, a system, or bad luck on where we ended up. That means we recognize that our destination is our choice. Our reactions are our choice. Our drive, or lack-there-of, is our choice. You are in control of everything that you do, or you do not do. If you are sitting here thinking “No, that’s not true…” then I encourage you to look inward and start realizing the steps that you are taking, or are choosing not to take.

For example: You hate your job, but you can’t quit because then you won’t have a job.

….or you can start looking for a new job NOW. Put in resumes NOW. Go on interviews NOW and then when you grab that new job (because you will!) you walk away from this job that you hate.

This blog is brief but here’s the real hardcore dirty fact of the matter:
Your excuses are completely invalid, because there have been many who have come before you, in your same situation, with similar dreams, who have made it work and moved on to bigger and better things. They didn’t sit around and wait for opportunity, they hunted it down. They didn’t sit back and complain and not see gratitude, they appreciated what they had but worked hard for more. They didn’t look towards others for blame on where they were, they recognized their weaknesses and turned them into their strengths. Someone just like you, did what you want to do but are too afraid to take on. Someone just like you is happier because they went for it.

If they did it – you can do it. Make today your Step 1.

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