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Why Is Shakeology So Expensive?

There are a ton of shakes on the market, so why is Shakeology so expensive? At $130 for a 30-day serving, the price might seem steep; however, hopefully after reading this entry you will understand a little bit more about the product and what makes it so special.

Now, I’m not going to go into these stories about how its a wonder shake, etc. etc. – I want to provide you with the facts so that you are a bit more educated in your purchasing decisions. Even if it’s not for Shakeology, there are things you should know when “shake shopping”.

First, let’s start with the breakdown of the $130 bag – 30 servings – that’s about $4-ish per meal (as it replaces a meal). What else do you typically buy for $4 or more and not really think about it?  Coffee, breakfast sandwiches, Subway, fast food, random stuff at Sheetz.  I could go on-and-on because I have also purchase these items from time-to-time and each time I’m like “Dang! It’s over $4!” and it makes me appreciate my Shakeology even more. WHY? Because those items (while a tasty treat) offer my body no real nutritional value. They are macro nutrients which means they are quickly passed through the body so that there is no absorption. Sort of like you just ..ate something. You didn’t get much from it except the taste and the temporary satisfaction from it.

Why is Shakeology so expensive? Because it uses top of the line ingredients to give you top of the line results. 

OKAY – so now you are ready to learn about 4 ways that Shakeology differs from other shakes, and also things you should be looking out for on the label of your own shake:

1) The diversification of their protein source – Where is it coming from? What kind is it? Is it soy or is it Whey? Is it a concentrate or an isolate?

Shakeology uses a high quality whey isolate, which means it is more concentrated and contains less lactose. This is great for those who have sensitive stomachs or lactose sensitivities. In addition to just the whey protein, our protein becomes even further diversified through plant-based proteins from quinoa, chia, flax and oats. Shakeology is literally nutrient-dense FOOD, which is a key way in which it stands out above many of the other shakes.

2) Carbohydrates: Where are the carbohydrates coming from in the shake? Are they complex? If so, that’s good. Shakeology contains carbohydrates – complex carbohydrates. This means they are burned slower by the body which means energy sustainability and mental clarity. Not all carbs are created equal!

3) Sugar: Sugar is not as bad as people think it is in the right portions and from the right sources. Naturally occurring sugars are not the same as added sugars and sweeteners. Shakeology does not add any sweeteners. You may have a shake that has zero sugars and tastes awesome, but check your ingredients. Most likely there is some crazy chemical based sweeteners that you never want to consume on a regular basis (Sucralose and Aspartame to name two heavy hitters in many low fat, low cal options).

4) Soy Content: Shakeology contains NO soy – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There have been a TON of studies showing soy linked to breast cancer in both men and women as it can influence the hormonal levels within the body, but even besides that – soy is typically genetically modified (which is also why it can cause cancer!) If your shake contains Soy, it is not a shake that I would recommend you drink on a regular basis.

Here’s the truth: Could we make Shakeology cheaper? Absolutely. Easily, in fact. However, skimping on our ingredients, lowering our quality of protein used, moving into soy, using artificial sweeteners — all of those things would make Shakeology cheaper to purchase…but we aren’t about the price, we are about the quality. We are about the integrity that goes behind our product and quality & integrity are two areas we REFUSE to budge on.

The saying holds true – you really do get what you pay for. If you are ready to try Shakeology, please Contact Me or check out more information about Shakeology, it’s nutrient sources, and it’s nutritional information Here.

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