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Low Calorie Mojito

Ah the mojito! It’s refreshing, minty, limey — just…wonderful for a hot summers day¬† or while lounging poolside. The downside to the mojito is the fact that between the rum and the sweeteners it is usually HIGH in calories – and let’s be real – who just wants to drink one??!

I toned down my mojito in a way that still makes it delicious, but cuts back on the sugar a bit. Here’s what I include:

10 Mint leaves (mulled into the drink)

2 lime wedges

Soda Water (you can even do La Croix for added flavor)


1 ounce White Rum (I prefer Blue Chair Bay)

1 Stevia Packet

How To:

Place your mint leaves and 1 of the lime wedges in a sturdy glass and muddle together (in a sense – mashing to release the oils and juices). Add 1/2 your stevia packet and the remaining lime wedge and continue. Do not strain the mixture. Fill the glass nearly to the top with ice, and pour your rum over the ice. The remaining space will be utilized by your soda water or La Croix. Mix enjoy and adjust to your preferred flavor intensity!


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