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A Golf Cart and A Dream: Pt 2 – New Leader Conference


If you recall from Part 1 – this little goal of getting to California and eventually Elite status in our Beachbody businesses all started with a little golf cart. This check off of my personal bucket listed started with a silly golf cart, and some amazing accountability partners. Check that entry out here.

Now let me just say that as I stared out onto the Pacific and took in my surroundings while standing near the pier in Santa Monica, it struck me that nothing happens as chance. In that moment, I felt that I was exactly where I needed to be. Away from the 10 inches of snow hitting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  (hooray!!!)IMG_9214

But in all seriousness – the feeling of calm that I experienced in that moment was something different than I have ever experienced before. Maybe it was the ocean breeze, the sun on my shoulders, or maybe..just was a little God Wink letting me know that I was on the path that He desires me to be on. It was a really cool feeling – just saying.

As my friends took photos, selfies, and made posts to Facebook poking fun of the fact that we were on a beach and our friends were fighting snow (sorry, guys) I took a few minutes to just sort of walk a little ahead of them and just wonder, “What the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life? Is this it? Is this really happening? Am I really succeeding with this?” Ever have a “What the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life” moment? They get ya goin’ DEEP and then I had this epiphany:IMG_9213

Maybe there isn’t one defining moment that we are moving towards in our life. Maybe there isn’t one goal, or one thing that we are SUPPOSED to do – maybe we are supposed to do many small things that are seemingly insignificant in that moment, but that are purposely put in our path to
get us to be our ultimate selves. Maybe we don’t have a defined destination – maybe the entire thing is a journey of wonder, trial, error, and small successes.

And in that moment – I didn’t care about how I got there, or if I should be there, or what would happen when I left there – I just knew I was put there (on that beach, out of the snow) for a reason and I wasn’t going to allow the opportunity to pass me by.

We adventured about Santa Monica for the next 24 hours – hitting up muscle beach (c’mon – we’re Beachbody Coaches – had to!), visited local coffee shops (shoutout to Dogtown Coffee!), and enjoyed one of the best creations in the world (acai bowls)..and one of the not-so-great ones (veggie based green juice). We held each other accountable to our fitness, our business, our follow-ups and our personal development. We dared to dream and we helped build up each other’s weak areas, and strive to learn about each other’s strong areas. We soaked it all in.Blog1

Blog2My friends were my rock that trip. As I mentioned, the brain was flying with all sorts of soul-searching thoughts and both of them gave me some of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom that I could have ever received. Sometimes people just get you like that. So ladies – I know you are reading this – thank you.

The conference itself was amazing. Beachbody always spoils its coaches at these events; however, when you get to the higher levels the spoiling goes above and beyond. Free swag and fitness accessories, top notch accommodations, dinners and receptions, and the opportunity to sit and meet with corporate leaders as well as celebrity trainers.  Like, actually hang out with Tony Horton for a bit! Hear his take on things, soak in his wisdom! It was awesome!  Each day Beachbody not only provided us with amazing opportunities, but amazing leadership trainings by some of the top coaches in the country. Bonnie, Melanie, and Michelle – you ladies kick ass. Thank you for all that you did for us at the conference!

The entire time the three of us just kept looking at each other and saying, “WE DID IT. THIS IS OUR TIME. WE ARE GOIN’ FOR IT!” Do you have someone like that in your life? If not – find someone. It will change your life.


I know you are probably looking for all sorts of details on this trip and I’m not going to give you that in one blog post. You have to understand, this was a trip that when I’m in my 70’s rockin’ my walker with pink tennis balls on it, I’m still going to look back on it and call it a life defining moment. This trip hit some serious levels of depth within me – hell, I’m still processing everything! So I don’t know everything in this moment that I want to say, but what I do know is that something this life/habit changing DESERVES time, and some the takeaways DESERVE their own entries. Why? Because they can help you change your life too.

So by all means, subscribe, follow me on Facebook, watch for me posting my blog and please stop back and use this as a source of education or inspiration on your own journey.


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