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What Is the Difference Between Portion Fix and 21 Day Fix?

You have probably heard somewhere about this new health and fitness solution that uses color-coded containers to help you properly portion your food. The 21 Day Fix has completely swept the U.S & Canada and been featured in a multitude of magazines – all raving about the results that one can get by being on the program, but also about the education behind portioning your plate that it provides.

The 21 Day Fix contains all of these containers, and comes with a 2 DVD set which contains 7 workouts, as well as an ab workout. You get a different workout to do each day of the

21 Day Fix
The 21 Day Fix Contains all of the portion control containers you see above, as well as 2 DVDs containing multiple 30 minute workouts for you to utilize daily.

week, with each of those being 30 minutes in life. The ab workout is a killer!! I have done many an ab workout in my day and none have been quite as challenging (but super effective!) as the workout found in both 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme. When you pair the portion control with the workouts, you get results FAST! And for only $59.85 by itself, or $160 when you pair it with a 30 day supply of the Shakeology (which is a whole food meal replacement shake that contains no artificials, soy, etc.) – it gives you a great bang for your buck!

But let’s say that you have an injury where your physical therapist, or doctor has you on strict restrictions – can this program still work for you? If you absolutely cannot workout, or if you already have a plan in place that you really enjoy, you can always just learn the portion side of things. This can be done by purchase Portion Fix which includes all of the containers, plus a larger container to hold the other containers in (or for your leftovers), as well as a book that helps you calculate your daily container count, and teaches you which

Portion FIx
The Portion Fix contains all of the contains shown above, and a book that explains exactly how to use them to see results.

foods are most preferred for each container category.

This sounds like a lot of work. Counting containers? I don’t know…

I assure you, it is much easier than it sounds! Let’s say, for example, you make your family chicken, rice and a veggie for dinner – how would The Portion Fix work in this instance? Simple! You would take your red container (which is proteins) and fill it up with the chicken – dump it on your plate. You would take the yellow container (carbs & starches) fill it up with your rice – dump it on your plate, and finally the green for the veggies, and dump it on your plate. Boom. Just like that you have a perfectly portioned meal – it is THAT easy! No counting calories, no wrapping yourself, no pills, no detox drinks – this is all it is!

So the answer to the question “What is the difference between Portion Fix and 21 Day Fix?” is one comes with the workouts, and the other does not. Both are amazing program and can help you get started on your health and fitness journey.

My 21 Day Fix results using Shakeology

Sound interesting? ┬áContact me to talk about it more at freelyfefit@gmail.com – or if you are ready to rock with your purchase, follow these links!

21 Day Fix for $59.85

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack with Shakeology $160

Portion Fix $39.90

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    1. Hi there Bianca! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m not very good at it either – you put nachos in front of me and you should probably just order another plate for yourself because I DON’T SHARE!! lol Just glad I finally found something after all of these years that worked for me!


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