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7 Day Free Ab & Booty Challenge Recap

7 days of ab and booty work – you wouldn’t think it would add up to much in just 7 days, but it does! A new outlook, a new routine, something positive and beneficial for your body – it might only be 7 days, but it’s a great way to start!

The last week of December, my team ran our first 7 day challenge in this area and WOW – the interaction within the group was where the real freeabchallengemagic happened. Strangers cheering each other on, asking questions, checking in after watching and completing the video posted that day.  FreeLyfe Fitness is truly so proud of everyone that took the time to join us in that group and participate!

A very special shout out to the winners of the challenge, Cindy B. and Julie S.  These ladies made a special commitment to checking in on each post, every day, and got their workout in no matter what (sometimes twice per day!)

Our next free Ab & Booty Challenge opens Sunday, January 17th.  Feel free to fill out the following short form to be contacted about being added in!


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