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Accountability: The Secret Sauce of Fitness Success

With a new year upon us, I am sure you may be sitting back and reflecting on things you might want to change, improve upon, or accomplish. You aren’t alone! I’m pretty sure 99% of the population is right there with you! That being said, you would think that accomplishing things would be easy, right? I mean..especially this time of year. With so many people in the same frame of mind the accountability should just magically happen! But it doesn’t, and therein lies the problem.

Accountability is the secret sauce to the accomplishment of any goal. Without it, it is easy to make up your own rules as you go along, skip days (no one will know but you!) and allow yourself to slip slowly back to the starting line. There’s always next year right?

But what if you aren’t looking to repeat next year? What if you are sick and tired of trying this same thing over and over again and getting nowhere? What if you NEED this to work this time? Well, hello 🙂  I like you! I like your spunk! And I’d be happy to hold you accountable.

Accountability means never giving up on yourself, and hooking up with people who won’t give up on you either. The last thing you need is your friend saying “One cigarette won’t hurt” “Awe come on, one more beer!!!” or “You ate a salad. You can have dessert.”  There’s a time and a place for flexibility with routine, but when you are first starting out

Accountability is your secret sauce to success

you need to keep your distance from those people and surround yourself with individuals who are going to lift you UP!

And if you find yourself reading this thinking, “Yeah but those are ALL of my friends” well then let me help you! I invite you to make me your coach! Here’s why: I was just like you, and then someone offered me help as my coach and four years later – here I am. Saying “Okay” and signing up for the free account with my coach was the best decision I ever made. I learned self discipline, positive thinking strategies, got hooked on a fitness plan that I have yet to quit, and I continue to learn, grow, and thrive. Let me help you – you deserve the life you crave!

Remember: Accountability doesn’t mean having someone else to hold you to the fire – it’s about holding yourself to that fire that you want so badly to burn. I’m happy to help you get to that place!

Let’s talk! Fill out the form below and we can set up an appointment to chat about YOU!

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