A Golf Cart and A Dream (Pt.1)

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of sunny days, palm trees, and the ocean as her backdrop. She dreamed of sidewalks line with movie stars, women in high-heeled shoes with white sunglasses and blonde flowing hair, and men carrying around surfboards. She dreamed of a little place called California.

Fast forward about 25 years, and though the image of what California actually is has changed quite a bit , the dream still remained; however, it wasn’t an every day thought like when I was five. When I was five, I was “moving to California when I grow up”. Where was I living? Malibu…because that’s where Barbie’s dream house was located, duh! Where else would I want to live?! At 30 it was more of “I have to visit there some day. I have to stick my toes in the Pacific! This is a non-negotiable!”

Again, age sometimes shows us the harsh reality of things when it comes to finances – and this girl is not affording a Malibu beach house right now! But! It’s funny what can happen when a dream really takes root in your heart. Sometimes, those dreams just happen to come true.

4 years ago I got started with a little company called Beachbody based in…California. I had NO idea what the heck I was doing, I just knew I wanted to help people. Helping people made me happy. Watching people become more happy, made me happy. As someone who had battled self doubt, mild depression, and body image issues from a pretty early age, being able to help others come out on the other side of those issues like I had- made me happy. It gave my life meaning. It made me feel fulfilled. It made me feel…like I had a purpose here.

So I just did what I loved. Every day, I did what I loved. I helped people through the use of Beachbody products. Well wouldn’t you know it – Beachbody just happened to be the vehicle to make my California dream a reality (funny how that happens!)

I didn’t see this coming – like, ever. I didn’t see the pieces falling into place. I didn’t realize the actions I was taking were leading to this goal being made an accomplishment – nothing. I never imagined myself standing in the building of Headquarters, touring the very place that has blessed me with more opportunities than I can count.

That was, until we saw the golf cart.

The golf cart?

“The Dream Machine”


Yes. The golf cart.

While standing in line to check in at the 2015 Success Club Trip in Cancun there it was. The shiney, 4-wheeled, wonder-vehicle that would propel our dreams from just dreams, to action plans. As we stared in amazement at this seemingly meaningless fixture my friend Michele said, “I want a golf cart.” To which my other friend Erica replied, “F*ck yeah.”. And to which I raised my glass to. That was it. We decided. The three of us were getting a damn golf cart.

But how? Because these golf carts weren’t for just any coaches – but top coaches. Elite coaches. We watched them all week zoom around the resort in merriment as we walked, and walked…and walked (it was a really big resort!!)

It was that week that the three of us became close, along with our husbands. We strategized. We committed to one another and our goals as a unit. The husbands got on board. We were goin’ for it – but first up: The New Leader Conference in California. For the three of us, it was the transition point for going elite. If we got there, we were on our way to being behind the wheel of our Wonder Buggy.  It was the event that welcomed you to the next big level of Beachbody…and you had to be invited.

The three of us checked in weekly with each other – we wouldn’t let the other just settle. We were all at different paces – some working at this full time, others with full time jobs and doing this part time, but we kept that damn golf cart in the forefront of our minds. There were late nights, long days, days filled with tears and “I don’t think I can”‘s, and a lot of “Yes you can!!”s in reply.  There were sleepless nights, frustrated Thursday mornings,and one hell of a long 6 week qualification period. It was hard work in its most honest definition.  And then something began to happen..

One by one over the past month we received the email we had been waiting for: “Congratulations! You have qualified for the New Leader Conference!”




One thought on “A Golf Cart and A Dream (Pt.1)

  1. Love this post!!! I am so excited that you will be there representing your team!! You worked hard for this and I can’t think of anyone else more deserving to be there. 😬 Congrats!!!


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