Fit Family Network Winter Summit 2015

Today is the first day back at work after coming home from a wonderful trip down to Gatlinburg, TN for the Fit Family Network Winter Summit. Now, if you are not a Beachbody Coach on our team you might be asking yourself, “What the hell is that??”

Our team, the Fit Family Network, is a team built on faith, love, and family – and we just happen to workout and drink Shakeology too. I feel like so many people hear “Beachbody Coach” and just think “Shake Pusher” —

Day 1 Post Workout Pic: Insanity Live w/Trainer Michele

anyone who personally knows me knows I do not push a shake, I do not push workouts – I do, however, recommend ways to pull you out of your current “life ditch” and if you choose to take those suggestions – awesome – and if not, that’s cool too!

This week was full of “coaches” of every shape, size, background, physical ability, etc. No two people were the same. Sure, you may see us post our inspirational posts, or “sweaty selfies”, but no two coaches are the same – ever – and this retreat helped us to not only learn from each others mistakes, but also each others triumphs. The best part was – it wasn’t just about Beachbody, but life as a whole!

For me personally, this was a trip filled with a lot of isolation. Part of that is because I am naturally an introvert (which surprises some people) and really don’t do well with large crowds — even Christmas gives me anxiety and that’s family!! (weird! I know!) so I was taking the retreat in small doses, and then would go find a quiet space to do some self – reflection. I needed that this trip (but more on that in a later blog post).

There was food, karaoke, 3 huge houses over-looking the beautiful Smokey Mountains but the best part was the actual sense of family. Not every team is blessed with that. We prayed over meals together, we prayed

The Gatlinburg Mansion aka Our Home Away from Home

for those of us going through tough times together, we shared our struggles, we were raw and open and there was no judgement there. There was a true sense of belonging and a sense of “These people have my back no matter what.”

That’s what I love about my larger team is that sense of acceptance and love. Those two things were not something I was very used to growing up — kids are cruel, times get tough, you get knocked down — so for someone like me this whole idea 4 years ago was something weird, foreign..but I knew I needed it. To get on the journey to being the best version of me, I needed that kind of support and I have found it with our team.

I will be creating an album this week on My Facebook Page that you are more than welcome to check out, or if this sounds like something you need in your life -I’m happy to talk to you about that too! I only ask that you take 2 minutes to fill out the form below to give me some background information 🙂

I want to thank my entire Fit Family for this past week. It was truly an amazing experience. I appreciate every conversation, hug, and Come to Jesus that I encountered while down there. Because of you all, I can continue to grow again.

Just a few of the most amazing people I know

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