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3 Ways to Hop Back Into A Workout Routine Like A Boss

One of the biggest fears I hear when I talk to my clients about their health and fitness journeys and their hesitation to starting down a new path is, “What if I quit?”You might quit. It’s true. It might get hard. You might stop. It might happen; however, thankfully there are always ways to hop back on the wagon and get your groove back – even with health and fitness. Often times the best and most inspiring results simply come from consecutive days of TRYING.

Here are 3 ways that I have found that really help me get back into the swing of my health and fitnessĀ routine:

(1) New Playlist: I encourage you to listen to Pandora for a day and write down any songs that pump you up, give you happy thoughts, or make you want to dance. Write them down and either create a station or create a playlist and use that to help fuel you during your workouts. Some of my favorite Pandora stations to tune into while I’m in the gym is NSYNC Radio (think boy bands, TLC, Destiny’s Child – 90’s pop), Third Eye Blind Radio (for a more go with the flow feel), and Today’s Hip Hop. There are literally thousands of stations out there and the more you “like” or “don’t like” the songs that are played, the more customizable it becomes to your taste in music. A sweet playlist is a must have.

(2) New Workout Threads: This doesn’t have to be an expensive outfit complete with $150 Nikes from Dicks! Run to Target and get a new $13 graphic tank, buy yourself a new headband, maybe some crazy socks. I don’t care, but treat yourself for getting back up on

3 Ways to Jump Back Into Your Workout Routine Like A Boss
Your health and fitness routine is capable of nose diving from time-to-time, but it’s easy and fun to get back on track with these tips!

the wagon with at least one thing that you need to wear that will make you feel “in the zone”. I love the graphic tanks with the workout sayings on them – check out some Target ones here. Looking good on the outside, helps you to feel good on the inside. So put on something new and begin lighting that fire of desire to workout! Your health and fitness routine will thank you – and hey – maybe that’s cause for another new outfit šŸ˜‰

(3) Set Tiny Goals First & Celebrate!: I mean TI-NY. Like – make it through this workout. Plan your week so that your workout 5 times a week. Schedule your workouts so you don’t miss them. Celebrate the achievement of these little goals. That does not mean feed yourself a cookie, and it doesn’t even have to mean going and buying yourself something – shout yourself out on Facebook, gush to a friend or your spouse — hell, grab your dog and do a dance. Just celebrate it! You are back on the wagon and moving forward. Don’t stop!

So there you go – my 3 Go-Tos when I fall off the health and fitness wagon and have to hop back on (and it happens). Always remember that the majority of your setbacks are mental – they all revolve around how you speak to yourself. So lift yourself up, be your biggest cheerleader, and be proud of yourself. Like Britney says – Now you’re stronger than yesterday *clap!clap!*

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